Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday Night at Spice 12 Bistro in St Charles

Come on out and get a hookah, some food and enjoy some good music!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Really Really Free Market Photos

some of the first photos i found floating around the net from our East coast tour.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mehanata Bar this Thursday and more

Hey all, sow e are off again, playing at the Empty Glass in Charleston West Virginia on Wednesday night with a rad hip hop group, Rabble Rousers. Then onto New York for Thursday night at the Mehanata Bar in Manhattan's Lower East Side on Ludlow St.

then two nights at the NYC Anarchist Book Fair at the Living Theatre. Hope to see you all there!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holy! photos from New York

check out holy!holy!holy! photos from the Really Really Free Market and the Brooklyn 302 Show by David "Fleece Beast" Acevedo

Fuck Shit Up Tour

A Holy! journey across the country in one direction.
The time of my life.
Spent from exhaustion, but the best kind of exhaustion I have ever felt.
We played shows at a college in Pittsburgh, a loft in Brooklyn, a free market in Manhattan, a collective in Boston, , a club in Manhattan, a collective venue in Dayton, and a vintage clothing store in Columbia, Misery.
We played music with anarchists, poets, jam bands, a solo singer of old workers' songs, hipsters, a two man pop group, a two man folk group, college kids with tiny, tiny instruments, a solo guitarist, a folk harmony group from texas and our ambient instrumental comrades.
on a bus full of writers, no one could write very often. too busy living.
we fought, barely, and only over the good stuff, like leaving someone at a gas station in Pennsylvania.
and made up quickly, too far in love to stay upset.
We met amazing people at all stops, almost exclusively amazing people, except the hipster wanna-be punks who stole from us and cut our PA in New York.
We faced adversity (see above) and still came out with the trip of a lifetime.
We drove long hours and enjoyed dialogue which I cannot even try to translate to a blog post.
We got naked and danced, quit smoking, went vegan, stayed in bed all day, got drunk, got sober, cooked meals for one another, slept in various arrangements, took group showers, laughed with each other, told offensive jokes, and took so many more actions reclaiming our lives.

We fucked shit up, and did it all for love.

nothing but love in the revolution of consciousness,

Our belly dancer, Scarlette, flew in from Vegas to New York, and has since decided to come back with us to stay.