Sunday, March 15, 2009

11 Days Till take OFF!

So we are under two weeks until we release the new CD, If I Can't Revolt, It's Not My Dance, and we are all very excited about it. This is something we have worked very hard to create together, and suffered some trials along the way, but the music is well worth it, in my opinion. These songs all have a force of their own, with messages we feel are important, and music that is creative and joyous and ready to fuck shit up in a world that seems to praise the negative and worthlessness that we see and hear in media all around us. Joy is a weapon.

We leave out for a trip to the east coast, where we will be playing for radical groups and with radical musicians at every stop. From Students for Justice In Palestine in Pittsburgh, who have been labeled as anti-semitic by pro-Israel student groups and thus had their organization tagged by their school and had funding cut, despite the fact that Palestinians are Semitic peoples too, and in negation of the mission of the group...JUSTICE. We will bring our music and our love to them. Then onto Brooklyn where two very different radical bands will be performing with us, the first being a nod to folk music and storytelling, with strong political and social messages, The Last Internationale, and the second being hip-hop dissidents and cop fighters, The Rebel Diaz Arts Collective. There will be poets galore that night and, thoguh the heavens may fall, we will dodge cloud droppings and sing like gods, all of us that night. Good riddance Jericho, your walls are about to crack.

We move onto Boston, where we will have time with Noam Chomsky, one of the great thinkers of our time, as well as being the most prolific writer on every aspect of the Empire, and that night we play at the Eliconia House, a collective that we are very excited about meeting and playing with. Back to NY with the students who showed us what democracy is when they took over their schools to denounce the spending and profiting practice of their administrators in true anarchistic fashion this winter.

We have a couple of dates open after that, on Wednesday and Thursday, that we hope to fill before we head to Dayton Ohio, to play the Dirt Collective. The DDC is a radical music venue, run by the kids, where we had a great time last year and really look forward to fucking shit up again this year. Then back to Misery in Columbia where the anarchists took the streets in December and even blockaded the pig sty with beautiful chants and drumming and showed the midwest that yes, these are in fact, our streets.

Then we return to St. Louis to play at the Get Born Reading at Duff's in the Central West End. These poets are alive, truly and I love that we get to share that fire with them. Burn Burn Burn! said the saint kerouac and that is what we shall do!

In the meantime, download our songs from the soundclick link on the left. If you feel so inclined to donate to us, click the black ribbon of mutual aid and add to our paypal account. If you want to show us support in other ways, email us at and send us some love in a message.

We will see you soon world, and how!

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